You can practically feel the warmth of the sunlight and the gentle sea breeze in each glass of MadFish, as that is what encourages the crisp and lively flavours found within each bottle.

MadFish Wines are deeply rooted in the rugged coastline and ancient soils of the South West of Western Australia. These two elements, the ocean and geology, are at the heart of the unique viticulture that sets MadFish wines apart. Proximity to the ocean means cool sea breezes that temper extreme heat, while ancient soils create the perfect growing conditions for vines to thrive. These specific circumstances enable the creation of wines that are pure and expressive, yet never lose sight of easy enjoyment and drinkability.

MadFish wines are unique in that they are crafted from different regions within Western Australia, allowing the winemakers to create a variety of styles without ever compromising on quality. As a result, MadFish reflects the absolute best of Great Southern and Margaret River wine.

Margaret River

Some 300km south of Perth, nestled between Geographe Bay and Cape Leeuwin, lies Margaret River, a paradise for surfers and winemakers alike. Benefiting from an enviable Mediterranean climate of warm days and mild nights, it presents an idyllic location for nurturing and harvesting carefully selected vines. The quality of the Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot from the region is undeniable. These world-class wines have a large and loyal following who would argue that they are some of Australia’s finest, renowned for their depth of flavour.

Margaret River is not only the home of our vineyards, but it is also the home of the MadFish Winery and Cellar Door. Located just five minutes from world-famous beaches and legendary surf spots, the Winery and Cellar Door is where you can come to experience the laid-back lifestyle and natural surroundings that inspired MadFish.

Great Southern

A little further south, but in a different world of towering trees, dramatic mountain ranges, calm bays lapped by salt spray and a chill blowing from the Antarctic, you’ll discover MadFish bay. It is the meeting of different landscapes and a cooler climate that is responsible for the elegance of the Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Pinot Noir, as the rough is transformed into the smooth.


The ancient soils of Margaret River and Great Southern date back 1.6 billion years, making them some of the oldest recorded geology of any viticultural area in the world. The soils of MadFish vineyards are gravel based with a layer of clay beneath. The gravel soil is free draining and retains heat, aiding the ripening of the grapes. The underlying clay holds essential water stores and encourages the vine’s roots to grow deep into the soil making them sturdier and more resilient. The combination of these two distinct elements leads to balanced wines with ripe fruit flavours that maintain acidity and therefore freshness.

The soils of Margaret River are generally ironstone gravels known locally as Forest Grove soils. This soil type is not found anywhere else in the world and as such it holds the secret to the region’s success. Soils of the Great Southern, on the other hand, are mainly either lateritic gravelly and sandy loams, or sandy loams derived from granite bedrock. With very little soil disturbance or erosion over many centuries, the soil material is highly distinctive.


Looking at this corner of Western Australia on a map would suggest a very warm climate, however, the region’s closeness to both the Southern and Indian Oceans moderates the temperature. The hot, sunny days through the growing season ensures even ripening of the grapes, yet the cooling effect from the sea guarantees the gradual accumulation of complex flavours and the retention of more delicate aromas. The powerful influence of the ocean endows the region with ideal growing conditions, yet it also can be credited for the name, MadFish, as the range is named after the local beach, MadFish Bay. Here, two oceanic tides collide creating an exhilarating display of the sublime power of nature.

While Margaret River possesses a Mediterranean climate, the Great Southern has a cooler continental climate. Both regions are strongly influenced by the inland movement of cold ocean air. This moderates the temperature during the growing season to allow for longer ripening and the development of complex flavour profiles which then translate from grape to wine.