Behind the scenes with The Urban List

MadFish Wines & The Urban List Perth teamed up recently to film a guide on how to throw the ultimate stress-free dinner party, and we were there to catch all of the behind-the-scenes action!

MadFish Wines and The Urban List teamed up recently to create a guide on how to throw the ultimate stress-free dinner party. Lana and Sarah (a.k.a the MadFish marketing team) were there to catch all of the behind-the-scenes action…

Whether it’s for a special occasion—such as a birthday—or you just want to put on an old-fashioned get-together with friends, throwing a dinner party can sometimes prove to be a bit of a mission. From setting the mood through to catering to everyone’s dietry needs (gluten free, vegan, allergies…the list goes on), there’s an abundance of boxes to tick off along the way.

Sometimes it seems easier to throw in the dish cloth and just head out for dinner instead. With this in mind, we joined forces with The Urban List to remove all of this unnecessary stress from planning a dinner party, giving you the low-down on handy tips and tricks in our latest video.

Armed with a variety of MadFish wines—including sparkling, riesling, sauvignon blanc semillon, rose, moscato, pinot noir and shiraz—the Urban List team put on an exciting dinner party that had us wishing we had an invite too.

The team’s resident florist helped nail the table setting, creating a gorgeous table runner with vibrant local flora. There was no shortage of food, with delicious fresh bread, salads, pastas and an incredible looking platter to satisfy guests. There was no pretend chewing and drinking here— The Urban List team are all about authenticity, diving into the food and wine (just how we like it)! Had it not been for the videographer, photographer and rather noisy drone flying overhead, one would have thought this was a typical Friday team meal.

Check out the video below as well as some behind the scenes snaps!

Our tip to a successful, stress-free dinner party? Have The Urban List throw it for you! But if that’s not an option for you, check out the full article of tips and tricks here.