Five Varietals to Take You Through to Summer

As the warm summer days and long, languid nights begin to set in, we start to turn to more refreshing varietals to complement the balmy weather.

A bottle of summery white, Rosé or sparkling are the first to come to mind, as they offer the crisp freshness most people are looking for in a wine as the weather heats up.

These wine selections will pair perfectly with your lighter summer meals, whether you’re serving up a traditional barbeque or delicious summery salad. With that in mind, here are Burch Family Wines’ top 5 picks for the summer season.

1. Riesling
Riesling is famed for its apple and floral notes, bright fruit intensity, mineral texture and fine acidity. Originating from Germany, this white variety is now produced in the cool climate region of the Great Southern, Western Australia. This variety can be enjoyed young or cellared for up to 10 years to develop delicious toasty characters. When served in its youth, it is ideal for a summer table, and pairs beautifully with fresh seafood and spicy Asian flavours.

2. Chardonnay
This option is a versatile white varietal that will match well with most foods on your festive table, but can equally be enjoyed on its own. The Chardonnay grape makes a variety of wine styles that range from fruity unoaked flavours to a more complex and sophisticated wine. Once known for being overly oaky and buttery, Chardonnays now offer characters of stone fruit, apples and citrus combined with toast, honey and fig. The cool climate Great Southern Chardonnays in particular are generous in flavour and are well suited to long summer lunches.

3. Sauvignon Blanc
A little drier than the previous two varietals, a glass of Sauvignon Blanc provides you with a bright, crisp and refreshing wine to complement the warmer weather. Sauvignon Blanc from cooler regions have a defined undertone of grassy and herb characters compared to those from warmer regions, which will have a more tropical nose. Sauvignon Blanc is a popular variety, especially in the summer time! Enjoy this wine with a simple cheese platter and good company!

4. Rosé
The midpoint between red and white, rosé drinks at its best in the spring and summertime. The modern rosé is dry in style and displays fine fruit flavours of fresh ripe berries. This beautiful rose coloured wine pairs well with your favourite seafood, barbeque or charcuterie on a warm summer afternoon.

5. Sparkling
Summer is a time of celebration – what with Christmas parties abounding and the New Year just around the corner, and the perfect partner for any celebration is a bottle of Sparkling wine or Champagne! Served chilled, sparkling wine is the perfect aperitif and will be welcomed by all your friends and family during the festive season.

With an abundance of choice amongst each of these white varietals, your hardest decision will be selecting which will be your perfect wine to enjoy over the summer months.