Food and Wine – The Perfect Match

Food and Wine – The Perfect Match

It can’t be denied that food and wine go hand in hand. Whether you’re enjoying brunch, lunch, dinner or dessert, there will always be the perfect wine to complement your meal. However, we can easily become consumed by the thought of matching the right wine with a particular dish, with history often confusing us with rules such as pairing white wines with a white meat. Food and wine should be a fun experience, and as everyone’s palate is different, we believe experimentation is the key to finding the perfect match. It’s important to remember that food and wine pairing is all about finding harmony; matching the weight, flavour and intensity of the wine with the dish is a good place to start. But if you don’t feel confident enough to make a decision, or if you need inspiration for your next dinner party, we have included a few recipe suggestions below and paired them with some of our latest new release wines.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blancs vary widely depending on where they originate from, ranging from a crisp and minerally wine to being grassy and herbaceous. However, this does not deter it from being one of the more popular varietals consumed around the world. The Howard Park Sauvignon has a textured mouthfeel due to barrel fermentation and a complex flavour profile showing a citrus, tropical spectrum, straw and Tuscan herbs. It is a surprisingly versatile wine and one which can hold its own with rich meat dishes while also complementing more delicate flavours.

If you’re planning to serve Sauvignon Blanc to your guests, try teaming it with a Salmon, fennel and orange salad or a Roasted Pork Shoulder with hay-baked carrots. Our favourite recommendation is a rich Beef Rendang.

Pair the Howard Park Sauvignon Blanc with Beef Rendang | View recipe


Shiraz is usually characterised by two key modes of expression; fruit and spice. High quality options will deliver layers of typically fruit-heavy flavours to the palate, along with spices and herbs. Our Scotsdale Shiraz is no exception, boasting a focused core of dark fruits. It has a spectacular tannin profile, fine grained and plush. with a long finish which exemplifies black fruits, subtle vanilla and spice.

This combination complements the flavours and textures of many meat-based dishes, such as cherry-infused pulled beef sandwiches, while also making a great pairing for cheese like clothbound cheddar. For a perfectly matched meal, we recommend you pair our Shiraz with a cherry and thyme crusted roast rack of venison.

Pair the Howard Park Scotsdale Shiraz with a Roast Rack of Venison with a Cherry and Thyme Crust | View Recipe


With its roots in the Rhine region of Germany, Riesling has long been a favourite amongst top wine collectors around the world, largely known for its crisp, aromatic qualities. Delivering a citrus and mineral driven flavour spectrum, our Mount Barker Riesling has a talc like mineral noteand fine acidity driving the palate.

Typically referred to as the perfect wine for spicy dishes, the citrus and acidic nature of Riesling is a good match for Asian and Indian food such as Roast Yuzu chicken with Japanese slaw. They also complement delicate flavoured meats with some fat component, such as pork belly or honey glazed ham. For a pairing that will really impress your dinner guests, we recommend a flavourful baked snapper with tomatillo salsa.

Pair the Howard Park Mount Barker Riesling with Baked Snapper Asian Style | View Recipe