MadFish at Fringe – Top Tips for visiting this year’s festival

Fringe Festival by Wade RansonEmbrace the seven sins at Fringe Festival

We are pretty darn excited about our involvement with Fringe Festival. This year’s festival promises to be everything but boring. Here’s our take on how to approach the festival because there is no fun in being uptight. Go play, and embrace the sinful fun that is the world’s 3rd largest Fringe Festival!!


It’s time to loosen those pants and go on a Fringe Binge! There is so much to see and do at this year’s festival. Our advice – have an open mind, get stuck in and consume as much of the Fringe vibe as possible. All washed down with a glass of MadFish wine!


Forget the excessive belief in one’s self and embrace what Pride has become more recently associated, the vibrant LBGTIQ community! Embrace the colourful and celebrate the diversity.


Be envious of the strength and creativity of the many circus style performers in shows throughout Fringe. Or be envious of the courage it takes comedians or actors to get up on stage a put on a show. Now that’s definitely something to raise a glass to!


This one is about pleasure and what can be more pleasurable than laughing until your face hurts or escaping reality for an hour to embrace the colours, sounds and tastes of a Fringe show.


We lied. Let’s not embrace this one. Fringe is about entertainment and potentially seeing the world through a different perspective and you can’t see much if all you can see is red. Unless it’s red wine…that’s a whole different story.


To be sure you get to take in all the Fringe-goodness take the Fringe festival nice and slow. If you can, aim to spread out your bookings over a couple of nights. Get to the venue early. Pull up a seat, enjoy a MadFish wine or two with friends, eat some yummy food, people watch until your heart’s content and then meander over to enjoy the main show. Good times should never be rushed.


Be greedy and consume as many shows as you can. Book early for the popular shows, or turn up on the night a pick a show at random. Some shows you will love, some you won’t and others might be a bit ‘meh!’ but no matter what, the shows will get you talking.

Don’t forget that on Friday and Saturday nights between 6:30 and 8:30 pm you can taste MadFish Wine for FREE at the Pleasure Garden. Just look out for these lovely ladies!

MadFish Wine Tasting @ Fringe World Festival