MadFish Wines Explore Australia’s South West

The weather’s warming up and summer is so close you can almost taste it.

(Spoiler alert – it tastes like Prosecco – or is that just us?!)

Not only does summer mean some amazing events in Perth – think Fringe World, Rooftop Movies, Perth Arts Festival, live music – it also is the perfect opportunity to see more of this beautiful state.

Australia’s South West have just released their guide to Australia’s ‘Most Instagrammable road trip’ and it’s hard to argue with their choices. Read their top tips here.

In celebration of the area that MadFish calls home we’ve come up with our own collection of favourite spots in the South West. It goes without saying that a visit to the region’s amazing wineries is a MUST but we’ve included a mix of stunning landscapes and some of the quirkier delights of the region!

  • Gnomesville – Located at Wellington Mill this place is certainly quirky. Earlier in the year we almost lost this place due to flooding but lucky for us many of the gnomes were saved and all has been restored.


Photo: Bunbury Mail

  • Silo Trail – If you can afford the luxury of time for a leisurely trip back from Albany then there are a good few to see along the way. See here for all the details.

Public Silos trail WA

  • MadFish Bay – Located near Denmark, it just wouldn’t be a list without this location. We know we bang on about it a lot because it’s the inspiration behind our wines but it is stunningly beautiful and always worth the visit!

MadFish Bay in Denmark WA

  • Yallingup Beach – When heading north on Caves Road you can choose to go right to Dunsborough or left to Yallingup. Our advice – turn right! After all the wonderful food and wine it’s great to feel the sand in your toes and the seabreeze in your hair.  Kick back, digest your day and enjoy one of WA’s spectacular sunsets.

Yallingup Beach

Photo: Yalingup Beach Resort

  • The Big Orange – Situated in Harvey. This one featured on the UrbanList’s ‘Weird and wonderful tourist attractions’ list. The Big Orange sits high above the orchards and features a viewing platform so too can look out over the horizon of orange trees as far as the eye can see.

The Big Orange Harvey

Photo: Buggybuddys

  • Valley of the Giants – We concur with Australia’s South West on this location. There is something very serene about walking through some of the World’s biggest trees. You’ll find your zen among the trees new Walpole.

Valley of Giants Walpole