Meet the artist: Kyle Hughes-Odgers

We sat down with local artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers to chat about the creative process behind designing the new MadFish labels

It’s pouring with rain outside of Kyle‘s studio, which is nestled in a laneway between a florist and a record store. His desk in the middle of the room is covered in a sea of tiny containers with paint colours stored safely inside them – ‘This is the blue I used for the SBS label.’ he says, picking one up and holding it to the light. The walls are full of canvases he’s currently working on, and the walls themselves are covered in paint swatches and reminders that he has written for himself like ‘Don’t forget to use grey!’.

Kyle works locally and globally on art projects across various formats – from giant large scale murals to gallery exhibitions, children’s books and 3D installations. Inspired by nature, the built environment, human behaviour, and how they intersect, Kyle’s work expands on these ideas by exploring colour, abstraction, form, line, and incorporating narrative.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of our beloved Turtle artwork by local artist Maxine Fumagalli which has graced the labels of MadFish for three decades. We saw this milestone as an opportunity to refresh our MadFish wine labels with a new look that emulates an authentic evolution of our brand – modern, positive, local, and influenced by our love for the South West coastline and the lifestyle it inspires. Continuing to honour our heritage of supporting local artists, and knowing the direction we wanted to take the brand, it made sense to approach Kyle to see if he’d like to design the new labels.

After making a trip down to the South West of Western Australia and visiting our cellar door, vineyards, and the beautiful and uncompromising forests and beaches of the region, Kyle worked with us to create a series of bespoke artworks – one for each MadFish wine. Each label pays homage to the specific grape varietal and the land from which the fruit is grown. The labels capture the colour and energy of our region in stunning abstraction.

We’re incredibly excited about the latest evolution of MadFish and the chance to continue to appeal to both existing and new wine lovers. Thank you for your support in this new phase of our journey.

You can buy MadFish wines at all good wine stores, at our cellar door, or online via our wine shop.