The freshness, simplicity and innovation at the core of MadFish Wines lend themselves extremely well to exploration into new varieties, styles and expressions. Outside of the classic white, red and sparkling categories lies a whole other world of exciting, modern wines, just waiting to be discovered and adored. MadFish Wines ventures out into this great unknown to produce vibrant, contemporary drops that build upon the solid foundation of high-quality fruit sourced from Australia’s South West, while never losing sight of easy enjoyment and drinkability.

Since 1992, MadFish has been producing an impressive range of current, cool climate wines inspired by the wild, coastal and pure elements of the vineyard on which they are grown. Over the decades, tastes have evolved and MadFish has evolved with them, always on the front foot, crafting wines to tantalise and entice. MadFish Rosé and MadFish Moscato both easily fit this bill, falling outside of the norm, but never failing to delight those who love a little something different.

The wines

MadFish Rosé pays homage to the wines of Provence, a long-time proponent of the elegant, dry Rosé. In this Southern French region, a chilled glass of Rosé is quite often preferred to a white alternative in the summer months because of its irresistible simplicity. It is a wine to drink rather than savour, to enjoy rather than cellar. Its brilliance lies in its widespread appeal and uncomplicated nature. MadFish Rosé embraces the uncomplicated enjoyability at the heart of this style, showcasing ripe red fruit aromas, elevated acidity and unparalleled freshness.

Moscato’s original home can be found in the commune of Asti in Italy’s Piedmont region, where it has been made in a sweet, slightly effervescent style since the early 13th century. Moscato is a grape prized for its pronounced aromatic quality with notes ranging from perfumed and rosy to musky and grapey. This Italian variety lends the MadFish Moscato layers of flavour complete with stone fruit, quince, and lychee enhanced by delicate floral tones. Sweet, fresh and low in alcohol, this lightly sparkling wine can serve as both the perfect aperitif and after-dinner treat.