Moscato thrives in a moderate to warm climate and as such it finds itself perfectly at home in Margaret River. The grapes for MadFish Moscato are harvested at 11º Baume and held cold in the press for 12 hours of contact between juice and skins. This period allows for the full extraction of colour, flavour and aroma into the juice from the skins.

Fermentation is long, slow and cold in order to retain the fresh fruit and spritz that naturally evolves during fermentation. The fermentation is stopped at around 6% alcohol with the remaining sugar and fizz retained in the wine. The wine is bottled immediately post-fermentation to capture the fresh fruit flavours and aromas so typical of Moscato.

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Moscato’s original home can be found in the commune of Asti in Italy’s Piedmont region, where it has been made since the early 13th century. This makes it one of the most ancient grape varieties in continual common use. Moscato like so many other wine grapes first came to Australia in 1832 as a part of James Busby’s collection. Since then, it has gained immense popularity for its easy approachability and freshness.


Moscato, or Muscat, does not refer to one single grape but rather to one of the oldest and most widespread grape families in the world, encompassing over 200 varieties. This family of grapes is noted for its pronounced aromatic quality with notes ranging from perfumed and rosy to musky and grapey. Moscato is one of the only grapes that’s aroma on the vine perfectly matches that in the glass.

The MadFish Moscato is made from the noblest of Muscat grape varieties, the Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains. Whilst the name implies a white hue, the unexpected rosa or pinkness of the wine is the result of a fortunate variant within the variety. As such, the adoption of the name, Muscat Rose à Petits Grains better describes the wine colour.

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Tasting Notes

Pretty in pink and pale in colour, this wine is like summer in a glass. A lighter style of aperitif full of exotic notes of quince and raspberry sorbet, lightly spiced with musk, rose petal and star anise. Fresh, punchy lychee, guava, raspberry and pomegranate flavours provide a luscious sweetness to the palate, and perfectly complemented by a zesty citrus crunch.

Gently spritzed, crisp and lusciously sweet this is a wine best served chilled as an aperitif or an accompaniment to brunch. Enjoy this wine in its vibrant youth.

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