The MadFish Pinot Noir is sourced from the Mount Barker subregion of the Great Southern. With some of the world’s oldest recorded geology, imposing granite outcrops, and a cool maritime climate, it presents a distinct terroir especially promising for the cultivation of fine WA Pinot Noir.

Mount Barker stretches west to east and is 40 kilometres to the north of the Southern Ocean, with a cool maritime climate that is strongly influenced by cold ocean air. This moderates the daily temperature during the growing season to allow for longer ripening and the development of complex flavour profiles which then translate from grape to wine. With very little soil disturbance or erosion over many centuries, even the soil material itself is highly distinctive. The result of these unique aspects of this prized subregion is an exuberant, smooth red wine that celebrates varietal purity and fruit freshness.

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Pinot Noir is the world’s most popular light-bodied red, and with its alluring cherry, raspberry and spice profile it is easy to see why. The translation of its name from French to English is ‘pine’ and ‘black’. Pine refers to the pinecone shape of the grape bunches, and black to the grape’s colour. Whilst not exactly black, the descriptor helps differentiate between the grape’s many variants, including its cousins, Pinot Gris (grey/pink) and Pinot Blanc (white/yellow).

The grape was first observed in the Burgundy region of France two thousand years ago, and this region remains the benchmark for this fascinating grape worldwide. Burgundian Pinot Noir is known for its earthy and floral elements with marked acidity and oak influence. The widespread appeal of this approachable red has seen it colonise most of the wine-growing world.

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Pinot Noir is notoriously challenging to grow and as such, it has been referred to as the ‘Goldilocks’ grape. The climate can be neither too hot nor too cold, it must be just right. The variety is early budding and early ripening making it susceptible to damage from spring frosts, while its thin skin leaves it vulnerable to disease. If the climate is too cold, there is a risk that the grapes will not fully ripen. Yet if it is too hot, the fruit flavours become too jammy and the wine lacks crucial acidity. This fickle grape variety prefers cool to moderate climates with long growing seasons.

Depending on where it is grown and the winemaking style, Pinot Noir can range from light and fruity with bright red cherry notes to complex and earthy with flavours of spice and forest floor. The grape has found itself quite at home in the Great Southern region, where the first Pinot Noir vines were planted in 1965.

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Tasting Notes

MadFish Pinot Noir is translucent ruby in the glass with flecks of purple showcasing its youthful vibrancy. It presents a feast of briary berries with slate minerality and baking spice undertones. Strawberry, cherry, raspberry, rosemary, nutmeg, and cinnamon form a boisterous bouquet. Lightweight and supple on the palate with fresh acidity, it is delightfully approachable and easy to drink. The fine grain tannin gently grips the mid-palate leading into a dry red berry finish with lingering notes of bitter cherry and earthy undertones.

Designed for easy drinking, keep the MadFish Pinot Noir for a couple of years or drink it right away with an exciting array of food pairings – from garlic and herb-roasted pork tenderloin to oven-baked salmon fillets or roasted field mushrooms with herbs.

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