About MadFish Sparkling

There is nothing quite like popping a bottle of bubbles in celebration, yet not every sip of sparkling necessitates a special occasion. Our Madfish sparkling wines present a stylish and refreshing fizz that does not require a momentous event or inflated savings account to enjoy. The MadFish sparkling wine collection utilises unique production techniques and premium Western Australian fruit to create a light and refreshing style with crisp acidity and lively effervescence.

MadFish sparkling wines are crafted using traditional varieties that have long been employed in the creation of the world’s greatest fizz. These grapes are Glera and Chenin Blanc. Glera is inextricably linked to bubbly wine styles, so much so that the grape was originally called ‘Prosecco’. Chenin Blanc originated in the Loire Valley in France, where it is used to make the region’s highly regarded sparkling Vouvray.


Australia is not beholden to long-established traditions when it comes to the production of sparkling wine. MadFish sparkling wine is influenced by the rich winemaking history of Europe, yet it is crafted in a distinct, modern way. It captures freshness and vivacity creating wines that are fruit-forward and joyful. A fine example of the promise of WA sparkling, these wines are the perfect bubbly addition to any occasion. This means that MadFish sparkling can draw upon tradition for inspiration while maintaining the freedom to stretch outside the bounds of convention and create something contemporary. MadFish sparkling wines tip their hats to history by using ancestral grape varieties, however, the fruit is sourced from premium Western Australian wine regions, adding a distinct New World twist.

The grapes

The Glera grape is subtle with soft notes of apple, pear, peach, melon, and elderflower. Its pure and simple nature offers the perfect base upon which the MadFish Prosecco is built. Delicate varietal aromas are heightened by effervescence, yet they never overpower the wine’s uncomplicated elegance. Glera maintains its acidity well throughout ripening endowing the MadFish Prosecco with mouth-watering freshness and a crisp finish.

Chenin Blanc is the chameleon of the white wine world. It can be used to make sparkling (both dry and sweet), off-dry/demi-sec, light and fruity, and full-bodied wines. In the MadFish Chenin Blanc NV, this grape transforms into a gloriously flavourful, palate-tingling panache of Champagne, at a fraction of the price.