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The MadFish Prosecco displays enticing aromas of fruit and spice, vibrant acidity, and a lively bubble. Golden delicious apples, Beurre Bosc pear and ginger spice are captured in the first effervescing notes that take flight from the glass. Crisp flavours of tart apple flesh are beautifully balanced by a honeyed and creamy richness. From the very first sip, a lovely mousse texture fills the palate, creating a wonderfully sensual, textural, and flavourful experience.

Prosecco is the ultimate social butterfly, easy-going, popular at any party and enjoyed by all. Drink as a refreshing aperitif with canapes of fresh seafood, zesty Asian-inspired salads, antipasto, or tapas.

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This style originates from the small village of Prosecco, now a suburb of Trieste. It comes in 3 levels of fizziness – sparkling or spumante, fizzy or frizzante and still or tranquillo. It is made primarily from the Glera grape. This variety is inextricably linked to this bubbly style, so much so that the grape was originally called ‘Prosecco’. It was not until more recently that the name was changed in a bid to reserve the name ‘Prosecco’ for wines made within the Italian appellation.

How did this vine become so intertwined with this style? Well, it is especially well suited to the production of sparkling with its toned-down flavour profile and bright acidity. Glera is subtle with soft notes of apple, pear, peach, melon, and elderflower. Its pure and simple nature offers the perfect base upon which an enticing fizz is built. Delicate varietal aromas are heightened by effervescence, yet they never overpower the wine’s uncomplicated elegance. In addition, Glera maintains its acidity well throughout ripening endowing the resulting fizz with mouth-watering freshness and a crisp finish.

Prosecco has been made in one form or another in Northeast Italy since ancient Roman times. Originally, these wines would have been made using the ancestral method by which wine is bottled partway through its primary fermentation to trap carbon dioxide gas creating gentle, light carbonation. Around the turn of the 20th century, the Charmat method, or ‘Italian Method’, was invented. This method involves trapping bubbles in the wine via carbonation in large steel tanks. This allowed the region to produce superior wines in larger quantities with greater consistency. Since this innovation, Prosecco has spread far and wide across the globe, winning the hearts of many with its easy enjoyability and reasonable price tag.

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The Madfish Prosecco is a lively sparkling that pays homage to Old World tradition while showcasing the vibrancy and freshness of New World terroir. Premium grapes from Western Australia’s finest wine-growing regions have been blended to create this stylish fizz. Made from Glera, the traditional grape used in Prosecco’s native home in northeast Italy, this wine is fruit-forward and filled with fresh flavours and crisp acidity.

To most of us, Prosecco is a refreshingly uncomplicated, yet stylish fizz that needs not a special occasion nor a large bank balance to enjoy. If you delve a little deeper. i.e., internet search, the story of Prosecco is ancient, circuitous, and fascinating. With humble beginnings in the northeast of Italy as early as 79AD, Prosecco was regarded for its medicinal qualities, enjoyed for its wonderful apple bouquet and originally was not fizzy.

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Tasting Notes

Notes of golden delicious apples, Beurre Bosc pear and ginger spice are captured in the first effervescing notes that take flight from the glass. That first mouthful is full of crisp, tart apple flesh balanced by a honeyed and creamy richness. As your tongue gently squeezes the bubbles, a lovely mousse texture fills the palate and it’s time for another sip to repeat this wonderfully sensual, textural and flavourful experience.

Drink MadFish Prosecco as a refreshing aperitif with canapés of fresh seafood, zesty Asian inspired salads, antipasto or aged Asiago cheese.

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