Fresh flavours

From the ocean to the soil to the sun, everything above, below and between us is inherently connected. At MadFish wines, we are continuously inspired by the abundant natural produce offered by our beloved West Australian coastline. The world-class quality, freshness and wellness provided by our gorgeous surroundings are the ultimate accompaniment to our wines.

The central, guiding principle of pairing food with MadFish wines is the age-old adage, ‘what grows together, goes together’. To complement their fresh, pure, and clean style look no further than the pristine waters and rugged coastline of the South West for the ideal ingredients. From there explore how to best bring out the elements of both the wine and the accompanying dish.

There is no denying that food influences how wine tastes, just as wine affects the taste of food. Pairing food with wine is all about taking advantage of these effects to enhance and elevate the overall dining experience. Bear in mind, everyone has different preferences and sensitivities so no one rule can apply to all. However, there are some general suggestions that tend to lead to more successful couplings.

The art of pairing wine and food

The most important elements when talking about food and wine pairings are sweetness, umami, salt and acid. While sweetness and umami can negatively affect the taste of wine, salt and acid tend to have a positive influence. Sweetness and umami can make the wine taste more acidic, astringent, bitter, and less sweet and fruity. Salt and acid soften the taste of wine, making them taste less astringent, acidic, and bitter and more sweet and fruity.

Food has a larger impact on how a wine will taste than the other way around and unfortunately, it is more likely to have a negative impact. That is why it is important to be adventurous, yet also informed when matching new dishes with wine. A great pairing strikes the perfect balance between the elements of a dish and the characteristics of the wine.

The perfect match

Here are some basics to ensure wonderful wine and food accompaniment:

      1. Wine should be more acidic and sweeter than the food you match it with.
      2. When pairing with very flavourful food, choose an equally flavourful wine.
      3. Red wine often pairs best with red meat while white wine pairs best with chicken and fish.
      4. Balance out bitter wine with fatty food.
      5. Match the wine with the sauce, not the meat.


Red wine typically has more bitterness and bolder flavours so try pairing it with red meat dishes that have complex, flavourful sauces. Our favourite red wine and food pairings are slow-cooked braised beef short ribs and a rack of roast lamb with rosemary.=

White, rosé and sparkling wine have more acidity so always make sure the wine is more acidic than the food. Our favourite white wine and food pairings are roast chicken with winter vegetables and creamy pasta dishes.

Balthazar Food Pairings

MadFish celebrates the brilliant culinary talent of our local chefs who create incredible dishes, perfectly paired with our wines. As part of this ongoing collaboration with Western Australian chefs, we teamed up with Balthazar, a restaurant set within the original Art Deco Lawson building in Perth. Overseen by head chef, Luke Wakefield, its menus focus on celebrating local produce to create thoughtful and refined dishes. Below are some bespoke recipes generated with the very best regional produce to pair with the flavours and notes of MadFish wines.

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