MadFish Chardonnay reflects the serious commitment to fruit quality and the integrity of the vineyard at the heart of the range. Crafted using the best Margaret River Chardonnay grapes blended with premium fruit from the Great Southern, it is a delicious expression of WA Chardonnay, offering both broad appeal and versatility.

In the winery, MadFish Chardonnay is made simply to showcase its appealing array of pome and stone fruits. The winemakers forgo using oak, choosing instead to make a more crisp and vibrant style that highlights the various vineyards from which the fruit is sourced. Riper grapes from more moderate, maritime vineyards are blended with those sourced from the cooler reaches of the Great Southern. The result is a style that effortlessly blends Margaret River Chardonnay’s richer fruit aromas with the Great Southern’s zippy citrus acidity and delicate floral notes.

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Chardonnay is the world’s most widely planted white grape and its versatility is the secret to its success. Hailing from Burgundy France, Chardonnay is used to make everything from full-bodied, complex whites in Côte de Beaune to racy, mineral-driven wines in Chablis and even Champagne, where it is labelled as ‘Blancs de Blancs’ – this grape can do it all!


A truly international grape variety, Chardonnay grows well throughout the wine-producing world, exhibiting the particular nuances of varied climates and soils. From fruit-driven and unoaked to complex, sophisticated and smooth, Chardonnay is a diverse grape that can produce a wide range of wine styles. The primary characteristics can include nectarine, peach, apple, lemon, lime, grapefruit and melon. Secondary aged characteristics are toast, honey, fig and nuts.

To talk about a wine made from Chardonnay is often a reflection on winemaking styles – it is a grape whose flavours marry particularly well with those of oak barrels, but can also produce a fresher, lighter and perhaps more modern wine in an unoaked style.

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Tasting Notes

MadFish Chardonnay stands amongst the best Margaret River Chardonnay with its golden apple, peach, white field blossoms, and pink grapefruit aromas. This abundant fruit is supported by creamy oatmeal and almond undertones. Unoaked, the focus is on the cornucopia of summer fruit. Crunchy green apple, yellow nectarine, and Bartlett pear create a light-bodied palate with balanced acidity. With its irresistible orchard fruits and dry, fresh finish, this Chardonnay is the perfect summertime aperitif.

Enjoy the MadFish Chardonnay in its vibrant youth, alongside rustic roast chicken and winter vegetables, or creamy vegetable soup. It also pairs beautifully with the mild milkiness and clean finish of mozzarella cheese on a Margherita pizza.

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