Our MadFish Riesling grows in the Great Southern wine region of Western Australia. This continental climate is characterised by long cold winters, warm summers and little rainfall. Being away from the coast, the difference between the day time and night time temperature is greater than in a region closer to the coast. Riesling seems to like these conditions.

Winemakers say Riesling is tough to make because there is nowhere to hide. It’s just you and the grapes, no oak, no tricks… When we make Riesling we strive to preserve and showcase clean, bright citrus and apple fruit flavours. Sometimes the acidity can be a little high so leaving a touch of sugar at the end of the fermentation gives a nice drinking balance – not too sweet and not too sour – just right.

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Riesling is an aromatic white grape variety originating from the Rhine region of Germany. The best examples of Riesling typically come from cool climates with extended ripening seasons and cool nights, which promote acid retention. Grown in Germany, Alsace, Austria, the United States, New Zealand, and Australia, it is an international grape variety considered to be one of the top three whites in terms of quality along with Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Used to make dry, semi-sweet, sweet and sparkling wines, it is incredibly versatile.


Riesling is one of the best grapes in terms of expressing its terroir, the environment in which it is grown. The soil, aspect, temperature, and prevailing weather all combine to create a distinct wine with a very clear connection to where it was grown. Winemaking tends to be minimal to ensure the purity of fruit and expression of place is front and centre.

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Tasting Notes

Zesty, citrus aromas mingle with richer tropical notes to form a delicate and alluring wine perfect for any occasion. Lime zest, lemon pith, pawpaw, green apple, and honeysuckle rise from the glass creating a vibrant nose. The palate is smooth, yet succulent with bright acidity and flavours of white grapefruit and cumquat. Well integrated, this wine concludes with a long, stone-fruit filled finish.

Drink MadFish Riesling with barbecued seafood on a warm summer evening, citrus cured trout, tuna poke or fish tacos.

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